Projects Research


My interests in Japanese history concentrate on the early modern period, or Tokugawa period (1600-1868).

Main Projects:

  • With the beginning of the next academic year (2012-13) I am part of yet another project at Sophia that aims at innovation of our curriculum.  “Reacting to the Past”: New Approaches to Critical Thinking and Japanese History” will in the end bring the Reacting-to-the-Past-Pedagogy to our classrooms. I began working on this pedagogy in 2010, and applied it twice so far with much success (thanks to all the patient students), and hope to develop a textbook in the near future, which will be co-written by my collaborators Professors Mathew Thompson and James McKinley.
  • Since 2013 I participate in the research group JETTS  (a grant from JSPS based at Waseda University) Economic Thought

Other projects include:

  • The translation into Japanese of my book on Tadano Makuzu, published in 2013.
  • The translation into Japanese of the co-edited book on Economic Thought in Early Modern Japan, published in 2013.
  • East Asian Trade: Nagasaki Copper Trade and shogunal regulations
  • Epidemics (Cholera) in Early Modern Japan
  • Women’s History (Tadano Makuzu and Rai Shizuko)
  • Reacting to the Past Pedagogy
  • Participating in the research group: “Shaping of Japanese Culture and War Memories” at the Nichibunken (leader of the project: Theodore Cook) (ended 2013)
  • Participating in “Religion in the Public Sphere in Modern, Historical and Cross-Cultural Perspectives,” The University of Winnipeg’s Department of Religion & Culture
  • Participating in the “European Association for Edo Studies”