University-wide Collaborative Project 学内共同研究

Historical and spatial examination of networks in Asia


We are delighted to receive funding for our project beginning with the academic year 2012-13, which is extended for the academic year 2013-14.


北條勝貴 (文学部史学科): 東アジアの自然環境をめぐる情報のネットワーク

飯島真里子 (外国語学部英語学科): 日本帝国勢力圏内外をめぐるネットワーク

Bettina Gramlich-Oka (国際教養学部国際教養学科): 近世の政治的なネットワーク

Our aim:

The collaborative project’s objective is the analyses of cross-cultural and cross-temporal networks.  This collaborative project is the endeavor, where we, three historians from different subfields (intellectual history and history of environment and migration), will engage in network analysis. We will apply tools, still new to the field of history, for our individual research. Our analysis will generate a new set of questions that will broaden our dealing primarily with written texts. In the end, we expect our research to become a model for other historians.